Elegance, purity, coherence. This is the Lancia style.

For designers at Centro Stile Lancia, every day is ‘the first day’, because when the goal is to create vehicles destined to become timeless icons, every single detail is crucial. The iconic shapes, the brand values and a proactive culture: this is where ideas meet the style Lancia aims to give to its future.


This is how an icon is born.

The Pu+Ra HPE design emerges from the use of simple and perfect geometric figures like the circle and triangle, drawn on clean surfaces and essential sections, easily interpreted and with eloquent references to Lancia’s past – with a modern take. The grille hosts the chalice whose three beams underline the brand identity along with the rear lights, citing the legendary Lancia Stratos. In its special Progressive Green version – a modern interpretation and tribute to the Vincennes Blue Lancia Flaminia – the profile mimics the purity of the Aurelia style, and the cabin includes extensive windowed sections for a 360° view. From above, you may gather the strong connection between interiors and exteriors through the use of geometric shapes as in the two circles used for the dashboard and roof.

Lancia Pu+Ra HPE:

Lancia Pu+RA HPE is the 100% electric vehicle projecting Lancia into the future of mobility. It is a manifesto of design, interior home feeling, sustainability, electrification and effortless technology.