The new Lancia era begins now

Italian elegance is ready to take on an even more contemporary dimension.

Our new Renaissance

A new Lancia era has begun, a new renaissance. Italian elegance projects itself into the future, elevating 116 years of grace and style to a new dimension, more contemporary, more ethereal, more essential. Destined to last and delight.

In the name of elegance

Lancia’s new logo was born with the dream to last and to allure.
It is our past meeting our future, it is grace meeting audacity, it is the unmistakable mark of a new era under the sign of elegance.


Pu+Ra Design is the essence of Lancia new design, the perfect combination of two words: Pure, representing elegance and essentiality, and Radical, representing the power, the precision and the decisive style that have always been rooted in the identity of the brand. Pu+Ra Design finds its highest expression in the Pu+Ra Zero, a true work of art, a synthesis of the style of future Lancia models.