Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, evolution is here

The Lancia new concept car expresses the brand's vision of the future, which combines design, sustainability, technology and electrification.
A true manifesto for the next 10 years.

Video Lancia Pu Ra HPE

Past and future blend to become PU+RA EMOTION

With Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, Lancia journey towards the future begins, drawing inspiration from the past. From the iconic round headlights, recalling the legendary Stratos to the horizontal lines that echo the famous Venetian sunshade structure of the Lancia Beta HPE of the 1970s. A perfect symbiosis between past and present, between purity and radicalism, between innovation and emotion. 



Lancia Pu+Ra Hpe - reveal

Elegant on the outside, eclectic on the inside

Timeless design

Pure, technological and with a unique identity. A modern take on the iconic chalice and new rear lights give the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept car a distinctive and timeless design.

Elegance with a view

The circular roof projects the concept car towards the sky, giving its occupants a geometric-shaped panoramic view perfectly matching the elegant and sensual contours at the sides.

The cabin is your home

Interior design hops aboard the Lancia to recreate a home feeling. Every element of the interiors is conceived to mimic the atmosphere of Italian designer homes.

Refined Interiors

The interiors inspired by interior design were developed with Cassina, a symbol of Made in Italy excellence, with utmost attention to shapes, materials, and in-cabin wellness.

Iconic Style

The enveloping horizontal lines create a modern interpretation of the famous Venetian blind structure that retraces the concept of home feeling and the warm atmosphere of Italian abodes.

Tech coffee table

Sitting in the car as if you are in your living room. The brand-new coffee table was designed to elegantly convey the welcoming feeling of a domestic context.

Launch Pu+Ra HPE up close

Classic inspirations

Every detail of the Lancia Pu+RA HPE celebrates the beauty of timeless classics. The Progressive Green colour pays tribute to the Vincennes Blue Lancia Flaminia; the nose mimics the historic Lancia grille. The new emblem includes the traditional brand symbols. The seats are inspired by Maralunga armchairs designed by Vico Magistretti for Cassina.

The Lancia chalice, revisited


Infotainment: SALA- Sound Air Light Augmentation

Top energy-saving tyres by Goodyear

Doors with recycled marble trims




Seats inspired by interior design

Progressive Green colour

Radical geometry


Home feeling – coffee table

The Lancia concept car: sustainable, electric, evolved

Lancia Pu+Ra HPE: this futuristic concept car is pure evolution. A 100% electric car, with a brand vision in terms of range with over 700 km, little more than 10 minutes of charging time and energy consumption less than 10 kWh per 100 km. 70% of its aesthetic surface is sustainable: the seats are made by reinterpreting Lancia fabric, the carpet is made of natural fiber, the glass components of the car are made of recycled material. The perfect synthesis of our idea of the future.


Lancia Pu+Ra hpe - Sostenibile, elettrica ed evoluta

A symbiosis of design and technology

The simple, intuitive, and functional technology of the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE and its interiors are as one and give passengers the feeling of being embraced by an eclectic and new-generation environment. The innovative S.A.L.A. system, the self-driving option, and the elegant, minimalist dashboard make the interiors smart, inviting, and designed for the future at the same time.


Lancia Pu+Ra Hpe: L’interior design in simbiosi con la tecnologia

Experience the behind the scenes of the Lancia of the future

The second episode of the docufilm dedicated to the New Era of Lancia is a journey to discover the creative process behind the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, a futuristic concept car born from the union of interior design, the simplest and most intuitive technology, and attention to the environment.


Lancia Pu + Ra Hpe -trailer episodio 2

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