The Lancia site is created to provide all information about products, history, news dealers and Lancia. On the site you will find many services designed for you by Lancia. You can configure your car, book a test drive, find the nearest dealer and calculate a financing plan for the purchase of your next launch. Please note also that all information on this site are updated constantly and for this we recommend that you read the notes below to help in their proper interpretation. 

No commercial commitment between the parties

Lancia helps you locate the car you want and get in touch with a dealer from those of the Sales Network affiliates Lancia Stellantis Europe S.P.A., but does not generate any business relationship, nor establish any mutual commitment between you and the dealer.

Ask your dealer for technical data

Lancia is rich in data, images and information they need to guide you in the purchase of your new Lancia. These data are constantly updated, there might be some variations for specific legal or market. Lancia may make any changes to the models described in this site for commercial or technical reasons.

Ask your dealer to confirm prices

Prices shown are those lists of "turnkey" includes taxes, travel expenses, registration and transcript to the Public Motor Vehicle Registry, net of IPT, the provincial tax of transcription, which is charged separately. Dealers indicated by Lancia are at your disposal to provide all data and help you accurately evaluate your purchase.

Consumption, colors

Fuel consumption indicated in Lancia are those relating to urban and extra-urban cycles. The colors of the photographs displayed on your computer monitor may appear slightly different from reality. We encourage you to VISIT with our dealers to learn first-hand the color range of our cars.


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