Cassina and Lancia, bonded by their iconic Italian heritage, share a commitment to innovation rooted in tradition and the pursuit of new creative directions. Their joint focus on sustainable and electric mobility underlines a drive for excellence, emphasizing quality, durability, and the use of circular materials. This approach is about shaping a future that pays homage to their storied past.

Limited edition '1 of 1906'

100% electric and limited 1906 numbered and certified units, the LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA is the pioneering model of the Lancia Renaissance.

The pure geometry of a radical icon.

The Lancia Ypsilon is defined by the iconic rear LED lights, a clear homage to the brand's radical spirit and the legendary Lancia Stratos, an icon in the rally world. These lights frame the new Lancia logo, inspired by a font reminiscent of Italy's fashion excellence, closely linked to our brand's legacy. A novel design feature is the addition of the letter 'Y', horizontally integrated within the lights' circles.

A 'SALA' of your own for a unique on-board experience

Lancia's future is built on intuitive and effortless technology to provide a constant sense of well-being on board. The innovative S.A.L.A. (Sound Air Light Augmentation) infotainment is a cornerstone of Lancia technology, a key element in achieving superior comfort and an immersive, comprehensive onboard experience. S.A.L.A. is a fully customizable system based on widgets, equipped with two standard HD screens and a centralized control panel for audio, climate, and lighting. It enables you to tailor the car's atmosphere effortlessly, either with a simple gesture or your voice.

100% electric

The first full electric car of Lancia’s New Era. Range up to 403km* (WLTP combined). State-of-the-art charging times and solutions  thanks to the collaboration with Free2Move Charge.

Legal disclaimer

*Electric energy consumption for the Lancia Ypsilon full electric range is 14.3-14.6 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions are 0 g/km. The driving range for the Lancia Ypsilon full electric varies between 403-394 km. Values have been approved in accordance with the WLTP weighted cycle (EU Regulation 2018/1832). The specified values for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are measured by the manufacturer during pre-approval testing, as per the WLTP protocol (EU Regulation 2018/1832), and are subject to modification following final certification. Actual electric energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and electric range can differ and vary based on usage conditions and several factors, including optional features, the frequency of electric charging relative to miles driven, ambient temperature, driving habits, speed, overall weight, and the use of specific equipment (such as air conditioning, heating, radio, navigation, lighting, etc.). Tyre type and condition, road conditions, and external weather conditions can also influence these values.